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  • Walnut

    i'm cutting my first piece out of 3/4" walnut and i gotta say, what a nice wood for cutting. its cutting much easier than the 1"pine i was just cutting. it smells great to.

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    Just be careful breathing walnut--Every time I cut it without my mask, I get a sinus infection! It can be toxic--if you see them in nature, there usually are not any other substantial trees anywhere near them!



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      The dust and shavings can be fatal to horses too!

      There's a fine line between woodworking and insanity, I'm just not sure which side of the line I'm on!


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        you can't grow tomatoes anywhere near them either -


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          But if you pickle the nuts when they're green, they're fantastic in beef casseroles.

          Errrr... hang on... if you're already working the timber, perhaps that tip is a bit late .

          There is no opinion, however absurd, which men will not readily embrace as soon as they can be brought to the conviction that it is readily adopted.
          (Schopenhauer, Die Kunst Recht zu Behalten)


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            Pickled nuts??? Sounds like a Staff Party!
            CAЯL HIRD-RUTTEЯ
            "proud member of the best scroll sawing forum on the net."
            Ryobi SC180VS scroll saw EX21


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              Cutting Walnut


              I agree, walnut is a great wood for scrolling. Right now I'm making the John Nelson hot plate out of 3/4" walnut. What kind of blade are you using? I experimented with several different blades and settled on a D&B #5 double-tooth. For me it was the best balance between the aggressiveness you need to get through the 3/4" walnut and being able to handle all those sharp inside corners. I would be interested to hear other opinions on this.

              I love the smell of walnut too, but it's the only wood I've used that gives me sinus problems, so I use aggressive dust control and a mask.



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                for the easier cuts i've been using a FD-SR #7, when the going gets a little tighter i've been using a FD-SR #5. btw, i always use a dust mask when cutting anything.


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                  I slice a lot of wood for scrollers, and walnut is one of my most requested, and one I enjoy slicing a lot. I too love the smell.

                  My wife and I get runny knoses from it, and that's the extent of how it affects us. I have seen others come down with flu like symptoms.

                  I too would strongly suggest wearing a good face filter when using black walnut.

                  Need some thin wood?


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                    When working with any kind of wood or any kind of dust it is always a good idea to wear a dust mask.Here is a site for wood toxicity.

                    John T.


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                      walnut dust

                      Boy thanks for all the input, I did not know that about walnut . I am getting ready to do, 2 projects out of walnut. so now I won't be surprised when I start sweeling up hahah. no rely now I will take cair to not get the dust in my nose. there sure is alot of good empho in here. but , being a begginer. I never used a # 1 blade , where do you get it an is it smaller than a # 2 or 2/0. I am still getting used to all the differnt blades. I have a asortment in there clamps sitting buy my saw to change at will . it helps when I do small fretwork. an then go to the outside to finish. love learning. Evie


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