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  • Sharing or gloating?

    I guess there is a fine line between sharing and gloating. I fear this time I am going to dance on the line.
    In the city where I live is a craftsman who re saws woods for musical instruments, and while a book matched set of AAAA spruce soundboards can bring hundreds of dollars many pieces of wood do not make it into the musical instrument market.
    I was driving by his shop today performing my "wood run". I couldn't believe it
    A pallet 4'x4'x6' of quarter sawn cedar and spruce with a sign. Free Firewood.
    So I pulled over, loaded around 200 pieces, which didn't make a dent in the pile. The wood is about 8 to 10 inches wide and around just over 2 feet long. The pieces may vary from 1/8 to 1/4 inches thick.
    I called all my scrolling friends to come and take advantage of the situation.
    I went back 2 hours later, there may have been 50 pieces of wood left.
    My only hope is that it doesn't become firewood.
    My other hope is that his brother, who cuts hardwoods across town has a similar bundle!
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    It's a gloat when you don't share the wood, only the information. It's always good to make a good find. I found a guy on E-Bay who lives about 6 miles from me. I've bought wood from him in the past and found someone two blocks away who cut down an Ash tree a month ago. We went to look at the wood, which was too short for his WoodMizer, but we learned about two large Maple trees about to be cut down and a large Black Walnut tree that will be cut soon. He saw the kind of scrolling and turning I do and told me that he has been BURNING his cutoffs (Blasphemy!) that I could use. I now have a supply of free wood (domestic and exotic) and he has a place to get rid of it.
    You can send my share of 1/4" cedar to....

    There's a fine line between woodworking and insanity, I'm just not sure which side of the line I'm on!


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      It is funny how different types of wood are fodder in different parts of the world.
      Cedar here is used as kindling. Softwood is a sore spot for most people in BC. Not a topic for the forum Let the politicians work that one out.
      I get cherry from our local parks board when they cut down trees or do major pruning.
      I used to work for the parks 20 years ago so I still have a few ins there.
      I have a friend with an 18" Laguna resaw. I also have a friend who sells hardwood at prices so low you would think he was giving it away. His link is on my webpage.
      I still cant pass up free wood. I have many projects lined up for the cedar and spruce.
      I also got lots of wood from the local wine makers. They get grapes shipped in from California. The ends of the crates are particle board, but the sides are nice pine, thin and perfect for scrolling. They would burn it if I didnt get it.
      "proud member of the best scroll sawing forum on the net."
      Ryobi SC180VS scroll saw EX21


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        Envy, envy,
        covet, covet,
        How much I want it!

        Way to Go!


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          Yep! It's gloating!!
          And well deserved. What a find!
          I keep watching for a piece of Pistachio (they grow near here) to try, but no luck yet.


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