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    Ok,I have recieved my acrylic mirror in the mail. Its the kind with the grey back. I have the right blades for cutting it,and I know about puting tape on the stuff,but, I also know I cant put tape on the grey without risking peeling off the mirror when removing the tape,and I know i dont want to scratch that grey off either. So,if I put the acrylic on a sheet of cardboard or posterboard to cut it,is that gonna be sufficient?Its nothing detailed,just basic cutting of shapes. Thank ya, dale
    Dale w/ yella saws

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    The blue or purple painter"s tape is fine or you can place a piece of poster board as such. That stuff is tuffer than you think. Try a sample piece first and test before committing to the final piece.
    John T.


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      well,i cut it without incident. Thank you
      Dale w/ yella saws


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