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  • Scrolling Aluminium

    I want to scroll some aluminium. Is there a maximum thickness and what type of blade and also should I use oil to lubricate the blade?

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    Cory, send an e-mail to [email protected]. He can answer your question and supply you with the right blade. Mick.
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      Do not oil the blade. You can try clear tape but blue painter's tape works well. The thicker the material the slower you have to go. As for blades use a very fine many tooth blade. Jewlers blades are great for this but a regular wood blade works well. Do not use skip tooth blade.
      John T.


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        I work in the sign industry and spend a lot of time cutting aluminum. I've used bandsaw, tin snips, jigsaw, sawsall, miter saw and radial arm saw. I've never cut it on a scrollsaw though. Yet. But I would imagaine certain things would be the same. I use a cutting wax made by Castrol that comes in a tube. With the saw running I just push the tube into the blade and this will lubricate the blade for quite a while. Prolongs the life of all the blades I've tried it on. And it's not near as messy as oil or a liquid lubricant. It might also be worth mentioning that I've used this cutting wax with some success on plexiglas. Using a jigsaw, though, not a scroll saw. I'll have to try it myself someday.


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          I see no reason to think it would not work.
          I have cut Christmas tree ornaments from copper and brass using candle wax as a lube with cardboard backing.


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