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  • Hard or exoctic woods

    I'm looking for a place to buy hardwoods or exoctic wood in 1' X 2' pieces. Pleas let me know where either with a phone number and name or their website. THANKS!!!!!

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    Try Wildwood Designs at They have edge-glued hardwoods but only in 1/4" thickness up to 12" wide, but not much of a selection. Have you thought of edge-gluing boards yourself? I had to once and if you have two true edges, it should come out good.

    There are many more experienced woodworkers out there that can offer more help. Good luck with your search!

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      try this They have everything!!!!! if its only a few pieces that size,i may have a couple little chunks of some laying around here too,what exactly are you looking for?
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        They supply a couple of the pattern companies. I've bought from them and have gotten GREAT service.
        Look in the classified section of ScrollSaw Workshop magazine. There's a few retailers in there.

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