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  • Wood in Europe?


    I'm quite new to scrolling, but I already have dream projects planned for a life time. Now I would like to try my hands on hardwood, but it seems to be more difficult than I expected: I cannot find the wood!

    One advantage of living in Finland is, that I have a good supply of quality birch plywood or even solid pine. Or to be honest with you, I *can* get hardwood in sizes like 2" x 12" x 4 yards... Or 1/32" veneer. But nothing in between. And I think some projects are just not worth the effort done in plywood.

    So, I need to mail order the hardwood for scrolling. However, ordering wood from USA is not quite an option. With the postage, VAT and customs it will cost more than I care to think of. But if there were a source in EU, the postage would be less and no added VAT or customs.

    I would prefer UK for the language, but any European links are welcome! I found Hobbies, but they only carry 4" wide board. I have also tried Google, but I don't seem to have the right key words. I keep getting links to hardwood flooring or ready-made scrolled items in walnut etc. but not the material I'm looking for.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Satu

    Welcome to the forum and welcome to the fascinating world of scrolling .

    I don't know which (if any) of the suppliers listed here would supply you in Finland, but it's a pretty comprehensive list of UK outlets. You'll probably have to email each company directly and see if they can help you. S L Hardwoods has an extensive and renowned mail order service, so that might be your best option.

    Gosh, it'd be nice to have access to the range of birch ply that you've got.

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