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    Need Help Finding
    I am looking for some Brass Eagle finials such as the ones pictured. These I got recently at KLOCKIT and are nice but I am looking for ones that have detail all around them as you see the backs are flat and no detail. These will be viewed from all sides. The ones with the ball are about 2" wide by about 3" tall. The ones without are about 2" X 2" Any one with a source will be greatly appreciated.

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    John T.

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    Check out this EBay listing #6543394877. They're not as brassy shiny as the ones you show, but it looks like the fellow has others.

    When you search, the term "lamp finials" seems to bring up a lot of the kind of thing you're looking for.

    For example, has some
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      cannot find much to help


      I am having problems also finding what you want. I came close on google by using the search phrase:
      Bronze casting of an eagle

      I got several hits but all the eagles seemeed to be too large.

      Try: bronze forging of an eagle
      but also try: spelter casting of an eagle {spelter is a cheaper brass casting)

      I did find in my search for you a few crafts people who do custom loss-wax castings in brass as a craft / artist in NY City. But I suspect they are in to the large park statue artistic business. So I did not bother to supply their web link.

      I hope this helps a little.



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        Thanks for taking the time to help Phil. For I did not get many responses on all the sites I posted this on. The big one people told me was to try trophy shops May have to do that. I have seen large ones also. You can get them from flag distributers for they use them on top of flag poles but again rather large. Wildwood used to carry them but have stopped and all the clock suppliers carry these type. They will be good in one of my projects but another is viewed 360 degrees so the eagle needs to be finished all the way around. Will keep looking. Thanks again.
        John T.


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