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Types of wood?

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  • Types of wood?

    I am wanting to make my first clock with alot of delicate cuts and am not sure if I should use plywood or solid wood. I do not want to spend all this time on something using plywood when it would look better with solid wood. What are the pros/cons in the cutting of this project with each type wood?

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    A lot factors into a decision like this!

    Plywood is usually cheaper--and I have seen some very nice things done in plywood. if you are not confidant in your skills, plywood allows you "mess up" without as great a cost!



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      I'll agree with the obvious in that plywood is far cheaper. The only con I see is that plywood can be rather unforgiving due to chip out. I have had a few items that no matter how hard I tried (proper blade, wood preparation, feed rate etc.) it still chipped apart on some of the edges. I know this doesn't help much...

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        The only good plywood used for detailed fret work is Baltic birch or Finnish birch. You can use oak plywood and others which I have done in the past but only when the piece is rather large. I like hardwoods over plywoods for the simple reason of the grain and color are better controlled. and give the piece a better look. I would recomend red oak for a clock and accent it with a walnut or some other exotic. It may cost a little more but the finish product is so much nicer. Check some of my work in my album JTTHECLOCKMAN. All clocks and things are hardwoods, no plywood. As mentioned you run the risk of chip out either on the front or back. With hardwoods you do not get that. You have to watch the inner plys in plywood for voids and that is why I suggest Baltic and Finnish birch plywood because they are voidless. This is one man's opinion mind you.
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