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  • Corian FAQ site??

    Does anyone know of a FAQ site or knowledge base on basics of corian for the wood worker and scroll sawer? Magazine article available on WEB would be good also.

    Some of things I would to know:
    --Gluing pieces togeather, what to use
    --Can I use Wood screws / sheet metal screws to attach two corrian pieces?
    --Sanding or polishing back side of corian slab
    --repairing scratches
    --attaching non-similar material
    -----Tile (eg. trivet)
    -----bright plasic (eg. SSW spring issue, Unicorn, add eyes)
    --and so on.

    I read up on the previous post on FD corian blades and the backwards blade discussion.

    However, there seems to be a few other things in general I would like to know. It just seems there should be somewhere an FAQ for corian or nairoc.
    The Dupont site for corian didn't have what I wanted.


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    Hi Phil,

    Go to a counter top company. I'm sure they can help you with most of your questions. Do not use a blade back wards. Some might like it but for 99.9% of the people it just doesn't work well. Most use a # 5 blade with no reverse teeth. Also use tape to eliminate friction so it will not melt back together.

    Mike M
    SD Mike


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      Thanks Mike.

      For now the question is not the cutting. My questions are: what happens after the cutting stops. How to finish and / or assemble the project.

      I found two likely canidates for my Art Deco style mantel clock which I want to make from corian. From the pictures on the webb, it looks like the orginal plans call for wood to be glued up. I don't think Elmer's works on corian.



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        Do a Google search for Corion Art. There are many good sites to answer your questions. Too many to list here. There are sites where people have used it in other art projects. Good luck with clock. One other thing I do not know how you are at painting or if you know someone who does foe painting. But you could make it out of wood and have it painted to look like marble. Just a suggestion. Make it out of Corion and you are taking on some weight.
        John T.


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          Gluing Corian

          Phil, try this site for your gluing question. Mick
          Mick, - Delta P-20

          A smile is a small curve that straightens everything out.


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            Thanks to all to replyed!

            WOW, what an education I have had over the last few days.

            Corian FAQ:
            free booklet available at:

            Gluing and polishing at:

            Corian Dust can be toxic, read MSDS:
            additional info: google on corian MSDS

            Want to be impressed with Corian Art?
            small sandblasting flower into corian.

            if you google corian backwards, nairoc, you can get even more hits.

            Trust me, there is enough for a long magazine article just on the basics of using corian in a small shop. I am not talking about cutting, I mean just the getting hold of the material, prep the material (the back side is not polished, and you need to wet dry sand it), dust and breathing safety, plus the finial finishing touches.

            Example: HSS fornster bit, or High carbon multi-spur fornster bit may have problems in Corian. These bits may have heat build up which melts the corian which causes more heat and so on. May need to cut, cool down, cut again.

            Example: Corian dust problems may exist even when the shop vac is being emptied, and the filter "banged" a few times.

            Still on learning curve!



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