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    looking to buy new saw, just do not know what one to buy.
    email [email protected]

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    Re: scroll saw

    Well my friend it's like anything else depends on how much your willing to spend. I've only been scrolling for 4 months and I bought the Dewalt 788. After resreaching it on the net I believe it's probably the best saw around for the money. Blade tenion is up front, just click and go. Quick blade change and very low if any vibration even on the higher speeds. Get the Dewalt 788 and a lighted magnifing glass and you find yourself scolling for hours. Hope this helps.


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      Re: scroll saw

      Ditto the Dewalt 20' scroll saw. It's a fine machine and esay to use. The next step up from the Dewalt is at least twice the money.


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        Re: scroll saw

        Ditto from the Captain. I bought the Dewalt 788 and found it to be a great machine. Bolt it to your work table and there is almost no vibration, blades change fast, tension and speed are easy to set. Two thumbs up!


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          Re: scroll saw

          email me and i will tell you what i know aboutr which saw to buy if you haven't gotten it yet. just whatever you do, do not get a dewalt! they are junk!!!!


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            Re: scroll saw

            Sounds like had a bad experience with De Walt, Mike.  How about sharing it with us?  Obviously, our experience is different and I, at least, would like to know if there is a potential problem awaiting me.

            And, if you would rather reply by e-mail, post your e-mail so we know how to contact you.



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              Re: scroll saw

              :I am also curious as to the bad experience Mike has had with the DeWalt DW788. I bought mine factory refurbished on E-Bay a little over a year ago for about $290 and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. I think it is a great machine. Are you comparing it to a Hegner or one of the pricey machines?
              Tony A


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                Re: scroll saw

                I hear a lot about the De Walt but I own a Delta model 40-570
                and I think it's the Rolls Royce of scroll saws. It's all cast iron and blade changes are even quicker than the De Walt. No having to reset the tension after every blade change just a quick flip of 2 joysticks and your on your way. Vibration is next to none. I've been scrolling for about 6 years and have done about 15 advanced fretwork clocks with my saw. I'm not knocking the De Walt, but the Delta deserves a look.


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                  Re: scroll saw

                  Here's what I've experienced - Started out with a Ryobi and used it for about 2 years. It was lacking in a lot of areas and decided to move up. Scouted the literature and decided on an RBI Hawk 220 which I've had for several years. It's big, heavy and expensive, but if you do a lot of sawing it's worth looking at. I'm very happy that I spent the money.


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                    Re: scroll saw

                    I also have a DeWalt. I started with a Delta, a good beginner saw. Tried a Sears for a day and returned it. I also have a Rigid but the blade changing system is not good for fretwork. I've had my DeWalt for three years and have not had a single problem with it. I've heard very few complaints about the DeWalt.



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