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  • what saw do I have

    ?? I recently aquired a scroll saw in sad shape it is almost entirely made of wood many of the parts are missing it has no labels or brand names on it how might I id it and is it worth trying to repair?

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    Re: what saw do I have

        Judging from your description you might be better off purchasing a new one, particularly if you plan on doing a lot of scrolling.  8)


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      I agree with Bandaid , if you are going to do a lot of scrolling get your self a new saw. But as a cool keep sake, take pictures of that old saw and see if anyone can help you tell what it is.


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        Now this is fun.
        Naylak are you aware that the original question was asked in 2002 Of course the response is appropriate but if you are having so much time to dig this deep into the archives you need to get out and make some sawdust....LOL Now don't take this wrong just having fun so don't take it personal.
        "Still Montana Mike"

        "Don't worry about old age--it doesn't last that long."
        Mike's Wood-n-Things LLC


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          I know this is an old post but this saw sounds like an old treadle saw. I wish there were pictures.

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