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  • Festool dust extractor repair

    Hi everyone. I run a Festool CT26 dust extractor hose along the top arm of my scrollsaw (using velcro straps to hold it on). The end of the hose is about 3" from my top blade . This thing runs constantly when I'm using my saw removing saw dust right at the source (I have a dust collection box underneath to catch anything that goes down thru the hole). I detach that hose and attach another one when I want to vacuum the floor or anything else. It was a splurge when I bought the machine 8 years ago. I don't remember what it cost but several people here spoke highly of Festool, as did my local Woodworkers Source and Rockler stores. For the past 8 years I loved it's awesome suction, the HEPA filter, and how quiet it ran.

    I'd never had any experience with Festool breakdowns or how they handle repairs, but that was about to change.

    Last Sunday I took a lunch break, came back, and it wouldn't turn back on when my saw came on. Checked the outlet, the switch, everything I could think of. Nothing worked. Checked their troubleshooting guide and still no luck. Monday called Festool's tech phone support. I'm long past the all inclusive 3 year warranty it came with, but they had me try different things. Still nothing. 8 years old. Hubby says "just replace it". New one is about $800. Ugh. I'm basically a frugal gal. Couldn't give up on my baby. I contacted Festool thru their online thing. For a repair estimate I needed to box up the top half of the machine (the motor section), and ship it from Arizona to Indiana. I was nervous but went for it. Figured worse case I'd be out cost of boxes, shipping, and maybe an estimate fee.

    I filled out a repair/estimate order form online with them on Monday afternoon. Within a few hours they emailed back shipping instructions along with a prepaid UPS tag. I had to box it up and drop it off at my nearest UPS store. I got to the UPS store at 4:30pm Tuesday afternoon. 2 days later--on Thursday-- I received an email from them that they'd received it. Friday I received an email with the estimate on my 8 year old machine. I cringed expecting this to be expensive.

    The diagnosis was a fan rotor and it's clips needed to be replaced. Round trip shipping on the oversized and heavy box....$53. Labor $30. Parts completely covered under warranty $0. My grand total OEM repair including shipping is $83. And, I'll have it back in my hands just 1 week after shipping it to them. I'm elated. Hubby is in disbelief but ecstatic.

    Festool may seem expensive at first glance, but quality and customer service are worth every penny. I also have one of their jig saws, an orbital sander, and a sys-vac. I love each of those purchases after having put many hours of use on each. I am by no means doing a sales pitch for them.... just sharing my experience and relating that even though we all know how to be frugal on a lot of what we buy, some splurges are worth it. And thank you to all who recommended Festool.
    Linda at

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    Wow! That is good to hear. I also have my Festool Midi connected to my SS and it only comes on when the saw is on. I also use it with a Festool RO and track saw.
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      Top notch companies usually have top notch service. It is truly "you get what you pay for." Thanks for sharing.

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