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    Just a random annoyance . . . . Anyone get frustrated by the Harbor Freight ads that say no exclusions, then you see the details and see "for items under $20", or worse yet, in super small print, "Can not be used for: Atlas, Bauer, Central Machinery, CoverPro, Hercules, Predator, compressors, generators, jacks, miter saws, safes, storage cabinets, carts, chests, and welders." Um . . . that includes even the cheap Central Machinery brand . . . . ?

    What happened to the great deals we used to get here? I keep clicking on their 25% or 30% coupons emails, and rarely see the kinds of deals we saw a few years back, and almost never on the stuff I'm needing for a current job.

    .....Except the Easy Flux 125 welder, that thing rocks for the price, and they do have that discounted regularly, so there is a spark of hope here and there, but it's getting rare.
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    I wonder if their effort to offer better quality products may have something to do with it. Seems like they want to market themselves as something more than just a cheap tool supplier. Maybe reducing the number of things eligible for the big discount coupons is part of a campaign to change their image. 🤔
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      That is the one store I physically get sick as soon as I walk in. The odor of rubber is overwhelming and I’m good for 3 minutes before I have to leave. Sure glad other stores aren’t like that. Hmmm maybe my bank balance would be higher if they were.

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        When I worked retail, we would have products plainly labeled "One rebate per address". And people would go ballistic six weeks later when their claims for three or four got shot down.
        Can't imagine if it had been in small print like the ads of today.
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          Some manufacturers will restrict items for resale to a certain price or basement price. And in some cases will only sell with the agreement of no discounts allowed.

          And then there is margin, the retailer needs to make a certain amount of money on all sales.​
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            I did not read the fine print, actually not that fine. when I went to buy my new compressor for 25% off (not). That would have been nice, but I am still happy with my purchase. Although I have not used it yet as my garage is rather cold.
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