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Question about tilting head saws

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    That definitely is a distinct possibility. The other thought that came to mind was: When the PEGAS Scroll saw hit the market, I remember reading that they beefed up the EX21 frame design, I don't know what that modification entailed, I wondered if that meant they used a stronger material for table. Using a stronger material for the table would definitely change the the frame dynamics and alter the resonance point
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      Originally posted by hotshot View Post

      And no annoying dust collection holes, for little pieces to catch on, right?

      Since tilt arm style saws are my personal favorite . . . I can criticize it right? I hate the freaking dust collection mechanism on my King, and prefer the table on the older Green EX that didn't have that.
      I have a Taiwan era Excaliber too, and I also hated the dust collection holes in the table top.

      I bought a magnetic sheet from Amazon, sorry it was so long ago I do not have a link, and put it on the table top. I thought it would not stick, I was going to use double sided tape, but when I put it on, it worked.​
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      • Eugene Downes
        Reply to Stack Cutting
        by Eugene Downes
        I had considered useing a hot glue gun but I like to be able to reuse some of the bigger waste pieces. Also when I use brads and they extend through the bottom piece I am always carefull to take a small hammer and tap the points back up flush with the bottom piece so I do not scratch the table.
        Today, 03:29 PM
      • wjbclocks1
        Reply to Stack Cutting
        by wjbclocks1
        I use a hot glue gun. all around the edges, No chance of scrathing thhe table/
        Today, 10:07 AM
      • Rolf
        Reply to Scrollsaws
        by Rolf
        Ray at Seyco has the parts for the Excaliburs as long as it isn't one of the more recent Chinese clones....
        Today, 07:15 AM
      • Rolf
        Reply to Stack Cutting
        by Rolf
        I use a pin nailer in the waste areas. The brad and pin nail guns are a wonderful thing.
        Today, 07:11 AM
      • eric_h_e
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        by eric_h_e
        Good idea. I’ll have to try that when I get to the point of stack cutting. 👍
        Yesterday, 09:09 PM