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Need Advice Refurbishing Somerville Excalibur 30

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  • Need Advice Refurbishing Somerville Excalibur 30

    For Christmas, my husband got me a used Somerville Excalibur 30 (Model EX30VS, made in Canada) that he purchased from an estate sale. I’m just getting to know the machine and scroll sawing in general, but I’m noticing some things that will need to be fixed or replaced to get this machine operating tip top condition again.

    The tension lever is snapped off, and the press foot is really hard to adjust, even after I put a little oil on it


    The saw is cutting at an angle. If the plate is level, the saw cuts at about a 2 percent angle. In order to cut at a 90 degree angle, I need to tilt the plate 2 degrees. I think this might mean that the upper and lower blade holders are slightly off centered from each other.

    The belt cover is snapped off and the blower is not working.

    Where should I get a new belt cover and tension lever? Any advice on the presser foot? How concerned should I be about the angled cut issue? What would you do about the blower? I’m not particularly mechanically minded, but I am hoping to learn.

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    Call Seyco in Texas. Ray (at Seyco) is an older model Excalibur expert and has helped many of us over the years--- and that includes me who is not at all mechanically inclined! He's down to earth and won't talk over your head. He may have the parts you need as well as guidance on this exciting restoration you are doing. 1-800-462-3353
    Linda at


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      Ray at Seyco for parts. Most scrollers remove the Hold down it is more of a hinderance than a help.
      Also You may consider replacing the clamps with the Pegas version.
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        Thanks Linda and Rolf! I will give Ray a call!


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          I think the foot release was an option. I don’t see the pulley for it on the back of yours. Although it may have been removed. It is a very simple concept, it’s a cable attached to the back of the saw to release the arm


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