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quick release tension rod hegner multicut 3 vibrates loose

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  • quick release tension rod hegner multicut 3 vibrates loose

    I bought a 1987 multicut 3 Hegner scroll saw, added a few updates quick release tension rod and quick release blade clamp. The quick release tension rod keeps vibrating loose. What can I do to stop this problem?

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    I have that same saw. 1986 though. I also made those upgrades. I found your problem happening on mine if I did not have the tension on the blade tight enough. Ran it tighter and it cured the issue for me. Good luck with yours.
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      I put some of the least aggressive thread lock liquid I could find on the thread. Let it set up. Ran a nut up and down it a couple of times. That left enough residue on the threads to keep everything tight.
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