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  • New Wen Saw, Holy Smokes

    Has this already been discussed and I just missed it? I had to go back and look, and there was some discussion on SSV last summer, so not really new now I guess. When I see Wen, I grimace, and move right on past it, so sorry if this was already discussed here.

    This looks like the first Dewalt/Knockoff since their patents expired. It is made in China (which scares me because of what China did the EX). There is a built in mechanism to hold the arm up, so that is different than Dewalt, as well as what appears to be a lot more table in front of the blade, so not an exact 788 knock off for sure. It has dust collection, hopefully better than what we have seen so far on these type saws. The the way the table itself attaches reminds me of the EX style saws.

    If something goes wrong, wonder how support works.

    It is so rare to see new Mid range saws with easy to access lower clamps, especially using the parallel arm mechanism with easy to access lower blade clamps. Every saw I've seen from Wen proir to this was of the Ryobi/Foxshop/Harbor Freight/etc and etc line of rebranded junk saws. Glad to see Wen do something other that that old and much copied terrible design.

    Here is hand on review from YouTube:
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    It came out around May or June 2021. It looks like a much better saw than the WEN 3932 or the 3922. There was someone who purchased one on one of the forums that gave a few details which were available in the description of the product. He had said he would give a review but I haven't seen it.


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      Looks like dust collection works by blocking off the sides with drop down panels. The panels look very easy/quick to drop down for blade changes, but I think I might prefer to deal with the dust. I suspect most will just leave those panels down (or remove) and not do the dust collection thing. If you are a top loader, and don't change out a lot of blades, this might be less a hassle.

      For those that remember the Hitach cw40, it also had a removable side panel that many people left in the same drawer as the hold down . . .
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        It will be interesting to see what the reviews are after sum time on the market. I am curious about the tensioning,
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          Hand me my finger, would you, please?


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            Duke, as you discovered, the 3921 is a rebrand of horrible design. I hope you get the chance the try a truly good saw someday, you will be shocked.

            Perhaps the Wen LL2156 is that better saw, it's hard to tell this early. It is more that 3 times more expensive than the 3921. ($110 vs $400), so it's a bit more of an investment, though a bargain price compared to other similar saws.

            Not sure if the Delta scroll saw is gone for good, but it is out of stock at Amazon, Home Depot, and Lowes. If the Delta is indeed gone for good, then the Wen LL2156 slides right into that former Delta low price point.

            Rolf, I agree, only time will tell how well this saw holds up. In any case, glad so see Wen try something better. Hopefully Ryobi and a few other will follow.
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