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Denny saved my day!

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  • Denny saved my day!

    This is a special shout out "Thank you" to Denny. I've been demonstrating the scroll saw everyday of October (7-12 hours each day) for the entire month of October. I take a wide variety of items to visually show how vast our array of scroll items are (intarsia, fret, segmentation, toys, ornaments, etc). I answer questions scrollers ask and help work them through technique difficulties, blade questions (and referrals), and if asked give my thoughts on various scroll saw related choices/items. I show off to the general public by doing what they enjoy watching most If I'm not conversing with someone, because many people just want to watch. I do a lot of fret work on site (because the most common question is how I get in to cut the interior areas.

    What I enjoy most is every "kiddo" I ask the first letter of their name, telling them I'll show them how the saw works. Then I quickly freehand cut that letter of their name for them out of 3/4" thick pine. Letters are usually 3-4" tall and a couple of inches wide. I've done so many over the years that I'm pretty fast and the letters look pretty good. Everyone is always impressed and the kids walk away stroking their letters and talking about how they are going to decorate them when they get home. Parents talk about how smooth the edges are and how the smell reminds them of someone special. So far this fair I've cut 1,196 letters for mostly kids, but some adults wanted them too (the oldest, from her wheelchair, told me she was 102). I still have 3 days to go!

    Now Denny---I called him Monday of last week (when ArtCrafters was closed). He answered and graciously took my desperate order for new Pegas clamp because mine wasn't holding blades and resurfacing tips wasn't helping. He mailed out that day a set of new clamps to me and extra tips. I unexpectedly got them Thursday---much sooner then I could've hoped. New tips didn't help, but outright replacing the clamps did. Not one more problem and demonstrations regained the effortless look. My hero!

    And, I cannot let this go unmentioned---thank you Denny for so many months ago suggesting I give the Pegas modified blades a run. They have nearly eliminated sanding on everything, and last a really long time. Thank you for a superior product Denny---and I am recommending them to anyone who asks and giving them your info.

    Happy October everyone.

    Linda at

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    Some day I want to meet Denny. I know he is in business but he is truly a pleasure to deal this. I wish more companies treated their customers or should I say friends, as well.
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      I will plus that, his service is excellent, old school style he cares about his customers, RJ
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        Glad to hear Denny got you sorted and you are able to make so many People happy with your demonstrations.

        I’ve had the pleasure of stopping by Denny’s store, Artcrafters, and meeting he and his wife in person. Unfortunately it was a quick stop on my way visit my son at College in Athens, GA so it was a quick trip. I had hoped To go back at some point when I had time. However all my trips s south since have not allowed time for diversion. Covid hasn’t helped with that for sure. Maybe one day I can stop in again.
        Melanie from East TN


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          All I can say is... Ditto!


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            I hope to someday make the detour to meet Denny and share a cup of coffee.
            Like the others, his service is exactly what I was used to getting from our old friend Mike--the gold standard of scrolling customer care.
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              Thanks all for the kind words.

              Linda - I can't take credit for the fast delivery. All I can do is get it in the mail the same day. The rest is up tp the Post Office. It is nice to have the Post Office just a block away.
              ArtCrafters in Dayton, TN


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                Dealing with Denny is always a pleasure.! I have switched completely to Pegas blades now.
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                  Hi Linda - your work with kids is truly genial. I hope that as they get older some of these will put aside their use of technology - smart phones, tablets and computers in general - to try their hand at a practical craft. As we scrollers know, the pleasure one gets out of creating something knowing that the work was all one's own is something to be cherished and be proud of and posting a comment on social media or sending someone a text message doesnt even begin to compare. Note here that I'm no knocking technology - I use it myself - I just think that many of today's younger generation are missing out on using their imagination to develop practical based creative skills.

                  To Denny - I'll be knocking on your door when the needs arise. You are performing a great service to fellow scrollers and long may you do so.
                  Jim in Mexico

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