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Ortur LaserMaster 2 (20W) -- An initial impression.

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  • Ortur LaserMaster 2 (20W) -- An initial impression.

    I cleaned some space on my workbench to set this thing up and then had to clean some more space. I read about the 54X45CM size, but I guess I wasn't really thinking about how big it is. I put an 18 inch ruler in for scale in the "built" picture.

    TBH - I wanted to get it together and running - to make sure it did work OK, before the return period with Amazon ran out. And I'm mildly impressed.

    It goes together rather easily, even with a couple of small WTF's because of reading translated english. The manuals have to be downloaded. When I tried to go to the Ortur Home Page, my web security software went ballistic because they are in China and BitDefender doesn't like the PRC domains. But, you can download the same manuals from the LaserGRBL site as well as the LaserGRBL software.

    I don't fully understand LaserGRBl, yet, but it was easy enough to pull in a graphic from my pattern collection, load it into the setup, set the laser for lower power (I didn't want to cut) and let it rip. It took a little more than a minute to etch the diagram onto a sheet of ply. I actually might have set the power too low. Their table said the power should be at S800 and I set it for S500, which is almost for paper etching.

    I put the diagram and resultant engraving side by side. I wasn't to impressed with the result, but it may be because I had red lines in the pattern instead of black.

    Anyhow - I'm satisfied that it works. I'm going to get the LightBurn software and see if I can upgrade my logos and play with some other stuff.

    I'll update as I go.
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    Glad you got it, got it set up and working Tony. Fortunately I have a DH who is much more technical on builds like that so I let him put it together for me. I knew he would get it built much faster and with much less frustration then I could have.

    I never tried to use the LaserGRBl. I went straight to Lightburn since it had a 30 day free usage. I liked it as it is similar to other programs I use so I purchased it when my trial was up. I have not tried a red lined design so not sure if that was a factor or not.

    if you do Facebook, there is an Ortur Facebook User group.

    I can’t remember which model you were getting. Seems like you may have said the 20w and it looks like it may be from your pic. If so, that is the one I have. However, as I understand it, the new ones they are shipping out are a “fixed focus” with an adjustable Z height mechanism. The one I have is not fixed focus, and does not have the Z height adjustment but you can get one made for it but I have not done so yet. Which is yours? There would be advantages and disadvantages to both.
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      Tony, I like Melanie am using Lightburn. There are a lot of variables to consider looking at your actual burn. Some of that is the wood grain.
      If your image was a bitmap picture, then the laser sweeps back and forth firing for an instant at each line, raster like an old tv. If it is a vector drawing then the laser will draw a continuous line without breaks. What is the file extension on the red line image?
      Also focus is critical.
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        Actually, most of it is not knowing enough about using the laser and the LaserGRBL software. Most of my failed experiments are software generated, because I didn't set it up correctly.

        I made a black & white jpeg of my logo and a red one (also jpeg). Then started trying different settings. The first three were terribly wrong and I had to stop them before they set off my smoke alarm.

        I finally got the settings down and experimented with the BWlogo and the red one. None of them were very good. I finally found the settings That made a decent logo (speed 1200 and intensity S800). Even then, the logo comes out barely legible.

        I noticed LaserGRBL has an issue with vertical lines, so I made a jpeg of some and burned it. You can see how jagged they are. I wasn't sure if it was software or some adjustment of the laser.

        I've downloaded Lightburn, but hadn't used it yet. But I got it installed and tried burning the lines with it. The nice smooth lines are the ones done with lightburn. So, the issue is my lack of understanding how the laser works with LaserGrbl.

        The techie in me wants to keep playing with LaserGRBL and learn how the laser reacts to the software, but the woodworker wants a good clean logo burn. So, I'll license the Lightburn software for use in the shop and, when I have time (yeah right), I'll play with LaserGRBL to see if I can get it to do what I want. I'll learn more about the laser in the process. I know I do need to focus the laser a little better.

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        My Son-in-law said "Darnit, I cut this board twice, now. And it's still too short."


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