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  • Pegas Large Scrollsaw Table

    A couple of months ago I ordered the Large Pegas Scroll Saw Table for my EX21 from Denny which I received about a week later. I installed it immediately and made a few test cuts. Since then I have been busy with several Urban renewal projects around house as well putting the yard to bed for the winter.

    Over the past three days I finally got a chance to reacquaint my self with the scroll saw. I might add I was pleasantly surprised to the vast improvement in the performance of my EX21.

    I have had the saw for nearly 5 years and found that the vibration levels were increasing to the point I was considering either tearing down or replacing the saw. Several times I took some time to go over the saw checking for loose parts including checking the four table mounting bolts. I also replaced the upper and lower rocker assemblies.

    After replacing the table with Large Pegas Table, I began cutting some fret work using previous speed setting. Very quickly I realized that the saw was substantially smoother. So I decided to increase the speed a bit at a time. Bravo I now running at about 80% of the speed setting with little or no vibration.

    Back in February I visited Denny at Artcrafters and had an opportunity to do some test cutting on the Pegas Saw that he has set up in his shop. I can honestly say that my EX21 vibration levels are comparable to Denny's Pegas.

    Visually the significant differences between the Standard EX21 table and the Large Pegas table is:
    The additional space between the front of the saw to blade.
    The lack of holes that surround the blade opening and the actual blade opening is narrower and the finish on the table.

    Why the significant difference in vibration? My hunch is the added mass of the of the extended table might be acting as a vibration damper or there is a difference in the quality of steel used in the Pegas table that is stiffening the overall Saw frame. I believe that the Pegas the manufacturer did some redesign to beef up the PEGAS equivalent

    Perhaps Denny might be able to shine some light on my observations.
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    Thanks for the review, Fibber. I think the mass of the table makes the EX21 more stable with fewer vibrations. Pegas did beef up the saw, so the regular saw has less vibration. I sold a large table to a customer in MI and he is putting it on a new Pegas. When I ordered, Pegas has two left.
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