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    Originally posted by Linda In Phoenix View Post
    The insert plate is a hard rigid plastic/polycarb type of material. The instructions Sawstop's provided says you loose the use the blade (which was not carbide) that came with the saw and raise the blade (while running) slowly up into the insert, then lower the blade back down, then tilt it 25 degrees and repeat, then again at 45 degrees. If I were to buy a replacement table insert from them, the paperwork indicates it would come without any saw blade cutout at all, and I would need to perform this task to create one. Probably better anyway if the manufacturer can't cut them straight 😂. But thank you for suggesting I check those teeth for possible damage. Sometimes it is the little stuff we forget.
    One issue I found with the insert that comes with the saw was the areas they smoothed for the kickback pawls. If the insert is leveled correctly, those areas are sitting about 1/32-inch below the table. I had a problem with some small pieces getting caught and jamming because of that. Sawstop's recommendation was to make another Zero Clearance Insert (ZCI) using 1/2-inch MDF or their dado insert. BUT, they added, you lose the riving knife and upper guard, because you lose the slot for it.

    I figured a way to fix that and made a Youtube video that shows how. I sent it to Sawstop and they agreed that was a good method. Here's the link --


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      That insert definitely is an issue they need to bring up to the standards and quality of the rest of the machine!

      I did the modification they recommended on mine so it wouldn't rub the blade. And, sure enough their supplied blade had blown out 2 of the tips on the teeth because of the initial problem. I was disappointed that what looked like a great blade out of the box ended up having such a short life span.

      After the mod and just over 2 weeks of issues, I finally got to cut wood for the first time. I could not believe how much quieter this saw cuts then the old one I had. The cut was beautiful, and that new miter gauge I supplimented it with slid true in the slot---Checking with my machinists square I had a 90 degree edge that was drool worthy. Seriously, I haven't felt that good about my table saw, miter, or anything in that area ever before. I won't have to compensate with other tools anymore. Wow.

      Thank you for the Youtube video. I will give that a serious look.
      Linda at


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        I am glad it is all working out for you, RJ
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          Originally posted by tgiro01 View Post
          I figured a way to fix that and made a Youtube video that shows how. I sent it to Sawstop and they agreed that was a good method. Here's the link --
          You did a great job on that video. You speak and explain well!
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