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  • Guinevere Sanding System

    For those who own a Guinevere standing system how do you handle dust collect? I bought one late last year and am finally getting around to setting it up. Just posting pictures will help.
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    I do not have the complete Guinevere standing system, however I have the Foredom equivalent. The issues are similar. I have a dust collector surface fitting mounted below a 4" hole in my bench with 1/4" hardware cloth. I work directly over the While it does not get 100%, it does get a fair amount.
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      Seyco has something that fits their sanding system. A large funnel that fits a vacuum system.
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        Do you have a central collection system other than a shop vac? you need a lot of air flow in a larger area with a collector box similar to what I have behind my pneumatic drums. DSCN3052.JPG
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          Outside back by the trees or at the picnic table.

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