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Adding a hour meter to a sroll saw.

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  • Adding a hour meter to a sroll saw.

    Just wondering....

    My used Hegner scroll saw did not have a hour meter on it. So in 2003 the first thing that was done to it was to add a hour meter. Should the method used (wiring diagram) be redrawn for others?
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    Please. I would be very interested in seeing it.


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      First I want to welcome both of you to our forum!

      I have an hour meter on both of my saws. I did not change anything on my saw. I put the hour meter in a box in the middle of a small extension cord. the saw plugs in on one side and the other end goes to my foot switch. I don't like messing with the internal saw wiring. I have my G4 Hawk and my EX 16 set up the same way.
      Hour meter.jpg
      The box is a plastic conduit box from Lowes. If you need a schematic I can draw one up.

      Since I am running a Festool vac on my saw, I have the power to my foot switch plugged into the vacuum, so that it comes on when at the same time my saw starts.
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        I did the same basic set up as Rolf.. It works really well.. and you'd be quite surprised at the hours you run your saw.. May depend on the type of work you do though.. For instance a fretwork portrait that you spend all day cutting on might actually only have a few hours run time on the saw.. even though you spent all day working on it, LOL..

        I believe Steve Good has a topic about installing an hour meter on his blog.. I have 4 saws and bought two of the digital meters which Steve talked about on his blog.. and then bought two analog like Rolf shows.. I personally like the analog one.. after getting the digital one I realize there is no way to change the battery and it's only guarantee is 5 years...


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