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Scroll Saw Tables: Question to judge interest

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    Since I have a Jet and a Hegner, it's moot for me, but one thing I would very much like to see in saws like Pegas, Jet, etc. is a center insert. Without it, you need to concoct a zero clearance insert for very small pieces (I use a playing card), and when you cut at a very steep angle, the table will eventually get cut no matter how carefully you make your cuts.

    Also, if the holes are covered up, then there's no dust collection at all. I'm not crazy about the holes in the Jet, which makes moving the workpiece a real pain. I've created a vacuum break, which works pretty well with the standard shop vac. The Festool vac is too weak at reduced draw, and too strong at full draw, so I've stopped using it. However, when the arm is tilted down to the right, the holes can't draw even at full power on the regular shop vac, since the area of greatest suction is on the right side of the holes. And, if I were to build an auxiliary dust collection system out of PVC for saws with a tilting arm, it would interfere with steep angled cutting, which is where I live.

    If Pegas finds a way to incorporate an insert and a usable dust collection system which allows for arm tilt at 45˚, as well as more room in front of the blade, I'd sell my Jet and buy the Pegas in a heartbeat!

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      I have to check. I suspect the holes are in different locations for the 16" saw from the 21"

      Our coating is very different from the EX coating. I've been using my saw for over a year (doing my own cutting, my kids cutting, and having it on the show floor for folks to try out) and I've only seen superficial scuffs on the table. Excalibur was a thin coating;we've got a thick baked on epoxy coating.

      I'm working on a better dust collector. The ones that come with it are really ineffective. I'll also see about a center insert for the future.



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        A replaceable zero clearance insert would also be a great improvement. On more than one occasion, I have had small pieces get sucked up by the dust collector. I have tried many different approaches to creating zero clearance modifications most worked but do not last.
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          This is what Hegner came up with a few years ago. I added the pvc to collect the dust that falls on me or the ground. It works pretty good most times.
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            I brought my EX21 10 years ago so no dust ports. There has been times when outside cuts would get hung up on the table edge. Bigger table would fix that. To give answer would I pay for updated table probably not. But if my EX dies pegas would be looked into very hard. Thanks for asking opinions of people that use Scrollsaw’s.


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