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    For those of you who use Dust Collectors, do you use canister filters or bag filters?

    I'm using an old Delta 50-760 1.5 horse dust collector in my shop. The machine sits in a shed, outside of my shop, so I'm not bothered by noise or worried about effectiveness of the filter bag. I have a Thien Baffle 1st stage in front of the DC which catches 95+% of the sawdust leaving only the powdery dust to get to the filter bag.

    I tried a canister filter for awhile, but found I had to clean it (blow it out with the air compressor) about every two months. When that canister clogged my vacuum would drop around 50%. I can leave a bag on there for 4 - 5 months. I think the bags are good for filtering down to 5 microns. Not sure what the canisters filtered.

    The bags are cheaper than the canisters. I get them at Home Depot for around $50 per bag. The canisters ran $150 - $200.

    I have wound up with three bags. By swapping them out I have to clean the bags once every 13 - 16 months.


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    With all pun intended---I'm a bag lady!
    Thank you for sharing your observations.
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      I have two DC units and use bags too. I have not used canisters because of what you said concerning price, and my experience with mini canister use on shop vacs. My experience in shop vacs and specifically the large FEIN 8 year old unit - is that the canister on it gets filled rather quickly; logic dictates that a DC system canister will do the same on a larger scale; cleaning them are not easy. And the price of canisters is as you said somewhat expensive.

      As to bags, there are different micron size as you mentioned, but still seems easier to clean - for me. My wife says that I don't buy the cheapest of anything, but the more expensive in somethings don't make sense to me.
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        Canister. My Jet Vortex is in the corner of my basement so I need it to be as efficient as possible. I wanted the 2 micron filter. I still have the original filter. I bought it in February of 2012. I should be more conscientious about turning the handle that shakes the dust loose. Especially when I use my drum sander.

        I agree about the pleated filters in shop vacs. but they are very poorly designed. Those filters load up almost immediately. If I used my shop vac for anything other than cleanup I would add a cyclone to it.
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