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  • Delta 40-570 Scroll Saw Parts

    I have a Delta 40-570 Scroll Saw that needs the upper blade clamp & head. I have searched for it and/or the Delta SS350 head parts and can not find all of the parts I need. Does any one have a saw that they are parting out and am willing to sell the head? If no one has an old parts machine, is anyone interested in any parts from mine? Mine is complete and running and I would be willing to part it out to someone in need of parts. I have looked at Delta's parts list, on the parts sites, and Ebay and can not locate the parts I need. Thanks for your help. I am located in N. Central Indiana.

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    Did you try
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      Yes and several other parts suppliers including Delta. I also searched for parts for the SS350 which has the same head & clamp. Thanks


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        Delta parts do not exist that is why Delta has been banned from my shop.

        Here is what I know about it.

        Dewalt bought Delta and then sold them off to another company shortly after that company filed bankruptcy Dewalt had a contingency in the contract that they retain all the rights to Delta parts until full payment is received. So basically until Dewalt gets paid in full Delta parts will remain unavailable. The only way to find parts for a Delta is to try and cross reference the part to another brand that actually has parts available.

        I had bought a new Delta drill press and the handle to crank the table up and down broke that is when I learned my lesson to do some research on available parts before buying any tool.

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          After doing the same thing you are going through, I will not buy anything with the Delta Name attached to it. It boggles my mind that people are still loyal to Delta after the way they have done their customers. I guess some people never learn !


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            Look in pawn shops. You might find something that would be suitable for parts.
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