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hawk G26 blade clamp modification

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  • hawk G26 blade clamp modification

    To start with, I love the way my Hawk cuts, smoothly, quietly, cleanly...but, in the 13 or 14 years I have had it, it has been very difficult to get a blade in the lower clamp so that it is centered in the hole in the clamp. I actually have to bend over to center the blade every time I try to cut another fret, and then they often still slip out when cutting no matter how carefully I try to center the blade in the clamp hole. I have used mineral spirits, alcohol, and sandpaper to clean and rough up the ends of the blades and they still like to slip. I tried to purchase replacement Delta type quick clamps or the Pegas clamps but they are not available for the Hawk.

    The result is that most of my cutting was done on my 22 year old, very aggressive Delta Q3. Unfortunately it croaked last winter so I bought a Seyco from Ray Seymore. It is very easy to top feed and clamp the blade in the lower clamp just by feel. I was just about to give up on the Hawk when my oldest son stopped by and I asked him if it was possible to modify the Hawk clamps to resemble the ones on the Seyco. He carefully studied them both and said yes but the result would be a much weaker clamp that would be more likely to deform and /or break, but he would try.

    Then he took out the thumb screws from both clamps and decided that they were not as flat as they could be, so he flattened them on my belt sander. That did not help much. Sooooooo, he took out the set screws and began to laugh. He went out to his truck, brought in a box of set screws, put new ones into the clamps and lo and behold, the blades clamped tightly and I could now clamp even small blades by feel and they held.

    He then showed me the set screws he had removed. The upper one had a flat center but it was only about 1/4 of the diameter of the set screw. The lower one almost came to a point. No wonder they would not hold a blade in place. Since I have never replaced them in all the years I have had the saw and I have had this problem from the beginning, I have to presume that they did not wear out but came from the factory that way. I have tried calling Bushton, but they rarely pick up the phone. I am going to snail mail them about this problem and my son's solution.

    If you are having this type of problem with your Hawk, try replacing the set screws with new ones that have a flat end that is the diameter of the set screw.


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    I love simple fixes! Thanks for the heads up.
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