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My Hawk G4-26 and Pegas 2/0 modified geometry blades.

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  • My Hawk G4-26 and Pegas 2/0 modified geometry blades.

    I have learned something about my Hawk and probably any saw with the long arms. My normal small detail blade has been the Olson 2/0 R 28 TPI. It is slow cutting but very controllable. I figured that after 14 years I should be able to control a more aggressive blade.
    Bought some Pegas 2/0 R MGT 15.4 TPI , they are a bit thinner an narrower than the Olson.
    I noticed that the blade had a sideways wobble when running at my normal cutting speed. I have never noticed this before.
    So I increased the tension beyond where it should be and yes I broke a few blades. Brought the tension back to where it should be and slowed the saw down until the wobble went away.
    That worked and the the blades really cut very nicely.
    This is where I wish I had access to one of the EX style saws and do a comparison. I am thinking that the long arms of the Hawk have so much mass that there is some sort of varying tension going on with arm flex? I do not see this effect with a bigger blade.
    Or I need to go through my saw for a thorough tuneup.
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    I had an EX21 as well as an EX30. I did notice a slight diffference between the two in with what you are talking about. The longer armed 30" does fine with even something as small as the jewelers blade...but the shorter armed EX just seems to do better with those tiny blades.
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      I've found that the modified geometry blades break easier than the regular skip tooth or polar tooth blades. I believe it's because of the wider gullets between the teeth. Not a lot of metal there. Usually, though, it's when I over tighten the tension on the blade by pressing down to hard when locking the blade in the clamp.

      I found, though, that I'm able to maintain the speed on my EX-21 for the MG blades. I run a little slower for the 2/0 and #1 blades, but I don't slow down more because of the MG blades.
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        The BM 26 had that also, but as soon as the blade touches the wood, the blade stablized. The OCD side of me had to be put back into the box. I don't think it makes any difference in practice, except maybe in getting that first "bite" when entering the cut.
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          I took another look at my saw last night to make sure I was not missing something. I am embarrassed to say I missed an obvious biggy. The bolt that holds my upper arm had worked it's way loose just enough to allow some side to side movement in my upper arm. This is what happens when you try to do too many things at once and don't focus.
          RBI G4 Hawk, Delta SS350, Nova 1624 DVR XP
          Philosophy "I don't know that I can't, therefore I can"
          Proud Member of the Long Island Woodworkers Club
          And the Long Island Scrollsaw Association


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            On the new fangled phones, the slow motion video and zoom is a very interesting way to look at blade stability, and from the side, blade travel/motion.
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