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  • Hegner Quick Clamp

    I have a Hegner 22v scroll saw from 1996 that I got at a pawn shop as an upgrade to a Craftsman 16 inch variable speed.

    The Hegner has a quick clamp on the upper arm, and I am wondering if I was to get another, is there any reason I could not use it as the bottom arm blade holder? They appear to be the same except for the clamping mechanism, and there appears to be room for the knurled knob.

    Has anyone tried this or got any insight?


    Matt N

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    At this time Hegner scroll saws are strickly a bottom feeding saw. There are problems with what you are asking. First is the fact that the bottom clamp assembly is not firmly held so I would be very difficult to tighten blade in clamp. Second is the top arm is spring loaded and that fact would hinder trying to top feed. I have the same saw and decided unless some significant changes are made you will not be able to use a quick clamp on the bottom efficiently.
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      I tried putting the quick clamp on the bottom on my Polymax-3. It works, but it is not easy to insert the blade into it without looking at it while inserting the blade. I have never tried fretwork so bottom feeding is not an issue for me. Before buying another quick clamp you can put the regular clamp on top and the quick clamp below. See how it works for you.
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        I wasn't looking to make it a top feed, just trying to make it a little easier to install blades. Its a bit difficult for me to get them lined up just right on the bottom yet and thought that the quick clamp might make that easier.



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          All of the Hegner folks I know and when I have used the Hegner. We all remove the bottom clamp when putting in a new blade. That seems to be the easiest way on this saw.
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            I think I recall Jim Finn making a small jig for installing the blade in the lower clamp. I still have trouble getting it into the bottom clamp straight, or getting the clamp into the holder without looking.

            Also, I'd wonder if the extra weight of the quick clamp at the bottom would affect the saw over time. Where are you, Hanns, when we need you? (Actually, he was still fielding calls almost to the end--what a loss to our community.)

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              dont all of the Hefner’s have the blade clamp holder on the side of the table for installing the blade and tightening? Takes me less than 30 seconds to change blade and replace clamp.

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                Hans was a special guy!. I will miss my Hawk vs Hegener discussions with him, they were always good fun.
                RBI G4 Hawk, Delta SS350, Nova 1624 DVR XP
                Philosophy "I don't know that I can't, therefore I can"
                Proud Member of the Long Island Woodworkers Club
                And the Long Island Scrollsaw Association


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                  They do, but getting that blade aligned with the point and tightened is where I am struggling. I need to practice more obviously, but family and work keep pulling me away.


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