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    I have very little vibration in that range. I'm good up until about 1300, then after that it get's progressively more. I don't run the saw at the high end as I don't like that much vibration, but the smooth zone is plenty wide for me, so it doesn't bother me.

    The question I have though, was the saw smoother than it is now, or do you think you are back to where you were before?
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      Randy, I'd say I was back to where I was before. I may not have noticed that vibrating spot in the past because it is not a speed I scroll at. I would just be passing through and not looking for vibrations like I have been lately.

      I have to wonder why it decided it didn't like being on a board after 2 years. Women!! Unpredictable! I named her Rita after Rita Hayworth, being red and all... oh sorry you are too young to remember Rita...
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        Maybe the board absorbed moisture from the concrete and warped? As for the tension bar in the back, I fixed mine by bending the bottom piece up with a pair of pliers to the triangle. I replaced the whole tension bar last year, after 16 years. As for vibrations, I run at warp speed a lot and I don’t find it a problem.

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