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  • RBI 226Vs Ultra Value

    I found a 2001 RBI 226VS Ultra Hawk for sale . Haven’t seen it, but the guy says it was used very little. What is a fair price for one in good, excellent or mint condition?

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    The guy is wanting $700. I am thinking that I might pay $500, but only if in mint condition. Maybe that's more than it's worth, but if I want it..... The value is limited due to the fact that there were two improved models after the Ultra. And it seems like the market for used scroll saws is not as good as for other woodworking tools. The market for all used quality woodworking tools is very poor these days.


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      I have a 2002 RBI 220VS and it has been used a lot, so this year I finally had to replace the motor. The guys at Hawk where great to work with and my saw was up and running in 2 wks Great saw. If I remember correctly the 226vs was selling for $1400 new back then. My saw only allows for feeding the blade from the bottom. A few years later they changed the saw to allow top & bottom feeding.


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