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Need Assurance that Scroll Saw is Okay

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  • Need Assurance that Scroll Saw is Okay

    In late 2009 I purchased a DeWalt *I/H* DW788 20" Scroll Saw with Stand & Light. I never opened the box ... it still has the plastic wrapping around it. I kept this item unopened in my garage for the past 8 years. I will unfortunately never use it & would like to sell it on Craigslist or perhaps on eBay. My concern is that since it has been unopened all these years & stored in my garage (on a table), will it still be in excellent shape with no damage occuring to it while sitting all this time? I do not want to sell someone an item that might be damaged. The garage is not air conditioned or heated. Temps inside on summer days could at times have been in the 90s. On winter evenings the temps were rarely below 30 degrees. It is not damp inside the garage.

    Thank you for your help.

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    Carefully open it and look for things like rust on the table. Since they pack them with a corrosion resist coating it should be ok. If it looks ok tape the box back up. As long as it was not stored in the damp it should be ok but it is better to check.

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      I agree with DW. It is a shame you never used it as this is a wonderful hobby.
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        Thank you Rolf & DW. I actually did a lot of scroll sawing back in the 90s & early 2000s. I really enjoyed it. Used to sell a lot of the things I made at various craft fairs. In 2009 we moved & I sold all my shop equipment including this same brand/model of scroll saw. I told myself it would be easier to move without dragging all of it with us & I could always replace everything once we were settled into the new place. I loved this saw so bought the exact same one a few months after the move, but the time to unpack & use it never presented itself. Now my vision isn't that great & arthritis has appeared so I have to face the fact that my scroll sawing days are over.


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          Sorry about your situation. I would try Craigslist before eBay because shipping will not be cheap. You might also post on this site the city you live near and ask if anyone here might be interested. If they are you should have them message you.

          Good Luck.
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            Thank you NC ... I will try Craigslist.


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