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Another affordable Scroll Saw from the company that Makes Excalibur

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  • Another affordable Scroll Saw from the company that Makes Excalibur

    This could have really been a positive post, but in my opinion, General has taken a step to Tarnish it's name with a new line of junk/cheap tools. Worse yet, it looks like their new "Scroll Saw" is a rebrand of the same saw you see from Jet/Wen/Shopfox/etc. I say that because it looks very very similar to those tools. In another part of Generals new site they talk about their tools being manufactured by factories completely owned by General, so I'm a little confused as it's hard to dismiss what I see.

    So, from a high level, General started a new "affordable/hobbiest/consumer" line of tools under the General International Star Shop brand ( Perhaps I'm wrong, but it feels very Ryobi/Harbour Freight-ish. These tools are bright red, so easily recognizable with the General International label.

    I think my main problem was that when I first saw the Scroll Saw, I immediately recognized it as a cheap Tawain knockoff, whether that is true or not. I was certain General would never put their name on something like that, and assumed another company was stealing their name. I checked, and it is not so unfortunately. Can you imagine Powermatic putting their name of this line of tools? Below, I'm posting a visual comparison of the various tools I believe are in the same design family, including Ryobi.

    This new saw, the BT8007 is available at Home Depot and other stores now. HomeDepot list saw at $92.28, or from Sears at $89.59. This new line of tools has been out there for a little while, I'm not sure how I missed it. HomeDepot has had it since at least last August. I'm thinking Ryobi might have the edge because of the blamp knob instead of the tool required for blade changes.

    . comparison.jpg

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    Lots of similarities, to be sure. I guess at that price point, how much difference could there be? It is a shame that a respected brand like General would feel like they have to do this. I suppose somebody in the marketing department thought that this might be a good way to build lifetime brand loyalty, kind of like what GM used to do.

    On a related topic, I stumbled onto this Bolton brand saw while looking for something else and wondered if anyone has ever heard of it.
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      Originally posted by Bill Wilson View Post
      I stumbled onto this Bolton brand saw


      A few really interesting things about that saw. It uses a top spring Like many of the saws did made 50 some years ago. Blade travel should be nill, though, that line of technology did not provide even power through the stroke.

      The most compelling thing about the saw is that it can handle wood considerably thicker than our normal saws. 3.5" is impressive and would be great for making boxes.

      The other thing that suprised me was that the cost of these machine is pretty dang reasonable. $108 for the 13 inch, and the 22 inch is $182 (with a few models in between.)

      I would love to take one of these for a drive.

      Notice that bolton also sales a Ryobi/Wen/General variety of saw. I bet Bolton imports these from another manufacturer.

      I think the actual saw is made in China, see:

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        You can add Jet (over-seas), Skil, and Grizzly to that list, Randy. They all sell a version of that thing.
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          curious to see if anyone has used one of these (the bolton saw, not the cheap garbage). Price is great, shipping ot me would only be $16.95.



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            I still think the last decent entry level saw was the Delta SS350. It had great clamps (still use them on my Hawk)
            I don't get the fact that in this day and age that they cant make an entry level saw with easy tool less blade change top and bottom. With CAD software that is in use now and CNC machining, there are no excuses.
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              That saw also looks like Porter-Cable and the late Hitachi.
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                When I started, I purchased a Hitachi from Lowe. Took it back within a week and purchased the DeWalt. If I stuck with the Hitachi, I wouldn't be scroll sawing today. I never recommend an entry level saw.
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                  Originally posted by Sandy Oaks View Post
                  When I started, I purchased a Hitachi from Lowe. .
                  I originally started with a Delta Single Speed I got in a pawn shop to saw Pinewood Derby cars. Wore it out (it was like new when I got it). Bought the Hitachi and was in the process of beginning to rebuild it when my bright and learned wife said to upgrade (Fathers' Day and anniversary) instead of throwing parts at the old saw once again.
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                    On that General Machinery entry level scroll saw---I inquired with Seyco about it from a curiosity point. That saw is NOT part of the Excalibur line at all. It is a separate line totally that General took on, and is NOT made by the same division as the Excalibur. It is simply an entry level saw of a different brand that they offer. It was easy for me to comprehend when compared to refrigerators---Frigidaire, Whirlpool, Kenmore, and Jenn-Air are all technically owned by the same company---yet their specs and quality levels are greatly different from each other. I have a Delta (and a ton of spare parts for it) which I am selling. I have an anniversary edition Excalibur EX-21 I love. And just bought a 30". And Ray at Seyco is fantastic.
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