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  • Antler carving

    I want to try some antler carving. I have acquired a moose antler palm and a small ram horn to try. I have a used turbo carver, some diamond and carbide dental burrs. But there are no instruction books on the subject and I'm not sure what I am going to encounter once I cut in, other than I know it will be a fine powdery discharge in the air and it will stink to high heaven. I heard someone was doing it a the Doane summer carving classes. Unfortunatley I am too far down the senority list to get a week and a half off from work in the summer. I've found alot of pictures to use as reference material but few people talking. Should I just plan on this being a trial and error project? Pam

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    Re: Antler carving

    The ram horn will be hollow so you won't be able to go very deep with your cuts. I've never tried carving antler but it sure looks good when done by someone who knows what they are doing.

    Good luck!

    Jerry S.


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      Re: Antler carving

      First of all, wear a mask. Second, think of what you are wanting to carve in the antler before you start.
      Like Jerry said, the ram horn is hollow and your carving will be determined by that depth.
      Power tools is the best way but can achive a nice end product with knife and soaking the antler in water for and hour.

      Safety first, then enjoy carving! Ken Caney, Ks


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        Re: Antler carving

        Hi Pamela.
        If you are into powercarving you need a way to get rid of the dust. I designed a dust system built around a blower from a heating and air unit. The dust is blown into my back yard and keeps it from getting all over the house. I would be glad to send you the drawings free if you will e-maile me you mailing adress, there is to much to send by e-amil. Juat put dust system in the adress line so I don't think its spam.
        Jack D.


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