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    Here's another table from Mike D.
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    hi ,could you show your work with spiral blades? /on what projects should they be used,?


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      Spiral blades can be used on whatever the operator fels comfortable using them on. For me, only once in a while on some of the most tedious portrait style cuttings, or for widening a veining line already cut with a flat blade. Also on things to wide to turn all the way around because of saw throat size. I never use spirals on anything that exact lines following a pattern are critical. I am much better cutting with a flat blade, especially long straight lines. Dale
      Dale w/ yella saws


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        spiral blade

        I love the spiral blade, I use them on most of my work. Here is one of my early works, the face and letters are cut with spiral blade.
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          Hi . I just tried to use a #2 blade to cut out some small letters out of 3/4 " pine .It 's for a sign for a woman ,who has developed a fudge to use with wine . It is a small sign to place on her table only about 9" x 11 " . It is a wine bootle , 2 glasses with some grapes and the lettering below . Anyway, the blade seemed to have a mind of it's own and I could almost twist it 180 degrees before it would come back on track only cut a bit when I changed to a # 5 . I also changed the top blade holder screw as the tension would slip . I bought a new one for my dewalt . I only needed to replace the small rotating end . They will only sell the whole screw at a cost of about $10.00 in Vancouver B.C. Is there any way one can get Dewalt or Black and Decker to just supply the end ? The new screw worked better and I believe the blade was too small for the wood thickness .
          Thanks . Roger


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            Blades with a mind of their own.

            I was pleased to see that I am not the only one that suffers from blades with a mind of there own. I cut a lot of puzzle pieces with tight curls. The blade follows the curve as I go into it but when I try to turn and come back out it takes off in an uncontrollable manner. It has been suggested that this might be due to the burr on the right side of some blades.

            I have been experimenting with the new #5 FD ultra reverse blades and I have found that I have better control.



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              Great chart

              Originally posted by BobD View Post
              Here's another table from Mike D.
              As a 'new scroller', I've been looking for such a chart that generally summarises bladetype/usage. .... Good one !!.... Thanks.

              ... Ray.
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                This was my first (sucesful) attempt with spiral blades. They have their use. Not for strait clean lines, but the effect they have on this type of cutting can not be achieved with strait blades.
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                  Nice cutting Pete, and the frame is a great finishing touch.

                  Alan and Rafi.

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                    This chart will make a good reference when unsure thanks
                    I won,t tell you what I don't know



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                      I can not seem to open this file. Am i the only one with this problem?
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                        so far I have only had limited use for spirals. I had one ornament that I was trying to cut with a flat blade and was having problems in one area so I tired a spiral and was able to do that spot, but when I tried it on other places it didn't do so well so I went back to the flat blades.

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                          Thanks for the blade chart it will really help me since I am still pretty much a newbie here ...
                          Ya'all Be Fun and Have Safe ... ~Kindlyoldpoop~

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                            That's a nice chart Bob. Thanks for the copy.
                            -- Rick --


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                              Thanks for the blade chart. Being new to scroll sawing, I find choosing the correct blade for the job is the hardest thing for me. I have the worst time when cutting out a project that calls for a stacked board cut.


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