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    I smoked the motor on my Delta 14' bandsaw. I use it for resawing to make lumber for my scrolling.
    Instead of replacing the motor with the 1hp original, I took my bandsaw to a repair place here in Huntsville and had a 2hp 230v motor installed. I don't have any trouble resawing boards now. I can resaw up to 12 1/4' without any problem.The saw eats the wood like it is butter. I should have done this a long time ago. I have been using 1/2' 3 and 4 tpi timberwolf blades. Very smooth cut. My question is: Will the 14' band saw run a 1' blade for resawing? I have never used more than a 3/4' blade before. I think that is the max recommended for the 1hp motor. With the 2hp motor are the wheels wide enough to run a 1' blade? Thanks for any help.
    James (Huntsville, TX.)

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    Re: Maximum Blade Size

    I personally feel that if you use a 1' blade on a 14' saw, the extra pressure required for tensioning the blade will be too hard on the saw frame, wheels and bearings . I also don't beleive the  guides are big enough yo accept the extra width of a 1' blade on a 14' saw.
    For some excellent advice on this, you could contact Bandsaw Bob at R & D bandsaws. He is the distributot of the Tufftooth blades and they are my favorite. I only use 1/2' , 3tpi Tufftooth  Industrial silicon steel blades for re-sawing on my 14' saw.
    Here's the link for the guy with all the answers.


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