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  • Gotta Brag! mom and I both are getting into scroll sawing and we have been researching/looking at saws for a couple months....been checking out ebay and the ads on craigslist....well last night at 9 p.m. she calls me....a guy posted a brand new Hawk 220VS for $100.00!!!! I called him and was at his house in 20min!!!! I almost passed out....its in MINT condition! Gave him a $100 bill loaded it up and got the heck out of dodge....I almost feel like I robbed him!! He said his grandpa bought it and gave it to him and he never used it! WOW what a find! THANK YOU CRAIGSLIST!

    Anyways just wanted to share that with you guys....

    Also a little bit of advice....don't know how many of you check out your local craigslist....but if you are patient and check it daily you are more then likely to find whatever it is you are looking for tool wise at a fraction of the price....granted you don't get the warranty when you buy used...but sometimes you find a jewel you cant live without. Also just as a piece of advice a secondary site to craigslist is it pulls up all the pictures listed on craigslist in each category so you don't have to click on each individual posting...saves a TON of time if you are like me and want to look at each item in the tool section!!

    Have a great Sunday! Happy Scrolling!
    Scrollin' with a Hawk 220VS

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    Just goes to show you, some folks haven't a clue!!

    I'd give ya the gloat pix!!



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      Sounds like an excellent deal you got there. Thanks for posting that site BTW - hadn't seen that ...

      Scrolling with a Dewalt 788


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        What a sweet deal! or is that steal?!...... Now get ya some blades and start making the saw dust fly!!!
        Thanks from me too about, didn't know that.

        DeWalt 788

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          Congrats!! A couple weeks ago I picked up a Craftsman router crafter for a steal of a deal on CL . I do watch it daily! Dale
          Dale w/ yella saws


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            Since you feel like you robbed him, (which you did), I'll help you get over your guilt.....send the saw to me and I'll give the $100.00.
            Meanwhile, I'm off to craigslist!

            Found a barely used Shopsmith for $200.00!
            Wish I had more room in the garage or hadn't bought that kitchen set.
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              HAHAHAH....If I run across another one for that price you will be the first one I let know! But I think I will hang on to this one for are some pics! I still think this might be a dream! HAHAH
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              Scrollin' with a Hawk 220VS

              Rock N' Scroll


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