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Cast Iron or Aluminium Table?

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  • Cast Iron or Aluminium Table?

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    Aluminum rust, but scratches easier, but repairable...I prefer aluminum
    Multi speed a must
    hold down, no need
    quick blade...iffy...I don't need one for intarsia..but maybe for frets.
    yes, get a's faster than making one and often cheaper too, unless you want a stand made of 2x4's or something ugly. You can always modify their stand to include weights or a shelf or drawers if you want.
    I'd recommend wheels too, but only if you can afford them...otherwise, not a big deal to drag the saw around.
    Jeff Powell


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      Jeff is right,
      Multi speed, No hold down (gets in the way) Aluminium (as you Brits say)
      buy the stand, and the quick change blade clamps now or you will be changing them later.
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        I'm with Jeff, I have a cast iron top and while it's not a big deal to keep it maintained it would be nice to not have to. Multi speed is a must, the first thing I did when I got my saw was to remove the hold down. And I paid the extra to get the stand. And my DeWalt has a quick release for fast and easy blade change, I can't imagine scrolling any other way.

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          Cast iron is heavier than aluminium, and therefore does more to damp vibration. I would guess that is why Hegner offer it. Whether it makes much difference on such a well made saw is another matter. The difference in weight is 21kg vs 25kg. If it was me I would save the money and buy a Hegner stand. You're looking at the Multicut 2SV, right?

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            Thank you everyone. I guess I just need to scroll more and have more patience with my abilities. You all are amazing...
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            How thick is that foam Randy? That turned out really nice.

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            If you have a good saw, and can set the table accurately, you should be good to go. Give a holler if you need help. 😁

            Randy, I swapped out the clamps on the Jet for the Pegas clamps as soon as they became available. I found the Jet clamps just too fidgety for my taste.
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            Thank you all for the info. Sounds like it’s talent or practice issue not my saws. Wife already gave permission to buy a new one. I will wait tho
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