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  • another...DW788 Question

    Hi all,

    I just got a DW788 a few days ago (Type 2) and I was wondering if other owners have experienced the table tilting as the knob is tightened?
    It is especially noticable if I have a blade in the clamps. Every half rotation of the knob, causes the table to tilt out of level and the blade ends up closer to one side than the other. Right now it is impossible to level the table and keep it leveled. Live with it? Fix-it suggestions? Send it back?

    Let me know what ya think.

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    I use a machinest square to level my table, after loosening the tilt lock knob I place my square on the table top next to the blade and line the blade up with the square edge, then with one hand holding the table in place I will tighten the tilt lock knob. The table does tend to want to move as you tighten it but holding it in place untill you get the knob secured works for me. HTH.
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      Dave, Im not quite understanding your problem. Are you saying when you loosen the knob to tilt the table, the whole table is sliding sideways???????????? Is the beck end of the table fully seated in the mount. Is the table securely fastened to the piece that knob tightens through??? Dale (pop up more info Ill see if I can help)
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        Did you try "counter-tilting " the table?By this I mean try tilting the table slightly in the opposite direction of center as you tighten the knob to just before it's snug.If tightening the knob still continues to pull the table back toward center it should end up in proper alignment when the knob gets tight.
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          here I am...

          ready to press the buy button on a DeWalt and posts like this pop up..
          what's up with that?

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            I had a hard time adjusting it by myself because I would square it and as I tightened it would go off slightly. So hubby helped me. One held the table and with the square in place up top the other had to tighten the handle. That was the only way to have it stay in place
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              Originally posted by Trout
              ready to press the buy button on a DeWalt and posts like this pop up..
              what's up with that?

              It's an omen!
              When you buy the DeWalt, you'll get to experience things you never dreamed of.
              The same thing happens on my bandsaw and both belt sanders.

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                Trout and Butcher
                Yeh, ur right - BUT - just think of all the experienced scrollers out here that love their 788's (like me).................
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                  this problem is beyond me I have no problem adjusting my table what so ever, it slides nice and easy and locks down right where I place it, my bet is that either the screw is cross threading or may be bent
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                    hi danver 682
                    Could you check and see if your table is mounted correctly? Behind your adjustment knob there should be a flat washer, loose enough to rotate freely to allow for tightening. Check your back bracket, that the pin is inserted all the way into the table. Your bracket should fit close to the table. If that doesn't work, phone the people at Dewalt. Don't void your warranty by tampering with it. My type 1 saw has been great right from the box, thousands of holes ago.
                    As for checking square- cut a circle or oval into a chunk of waste wood about 3/4 inch thick- if your machine is square the center will slip out both up or down. When you are happy set your indicator gauge to 0 and it will be easy to return to square.
                    We wish you happy scrolling with your new saw, it should be a pleasure to use or there is something wrong.
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                      I am not familiar with the Dewalt so this is just a suggestion. I assume that there is a knob that you use to tighten the table , if so is there a washer between the knob and what it is clamping? if not put one there. If the knob is in direct contact with the table adjustment it will move every time you try to tighten it the washer will isolate the twisting motion. (use a thicker washer)
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                        Thanks everyone, for the help. I just got done fooling around with the saw and things are much much better. Thanks to North Woods, I discovered that the washer was missing from the tightening knob. I looked back in the box an there it was under a peice of cardboard packing. Once I put that in, the table stayed level as I tightened it down. There is no mention about the washer in the user manual so I wouldn't have known about it without posting here.

                        The best part is that I just got done cutting for an hour or so and that saw is a dream. Best cuts I've ever made!! It almost felt effortless once I got the hang of it. It is one smooth saw.


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