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New lite and leaned my table forward

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  • New lite and leaned my table forward

    I just bought a new lite and I leaned my table forward what a differance it made.A while ago I read where Dewalt makes a table that can be leaned up in the back. Well I did the same with the one I built and looking down on a pattern is a lot different then looking into a pattern, I just thought I'd share. This has made a world of difference. WOW

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    When I first got my Dewalt and stand, Ozarkhillbilly suggested tilting the stand. I thought it was just him. I tried it and dang, Bill was right again. It's easier on the eyes and back.

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      I have a Delta P 20 and it has always been tilted forward, here a while back I set it back to level, gee I couldn't cut on it at all. It's back the way it used to be.

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        There is an article on Kayla Helseth on page 28 of the Spring issue of SSWC. If you look at the picture of her DeWalt, she's got the spring loaded thingy to raise the arm as well as the wedge stand for it to tilt it. I tilted mine with a block of wood which does fine for now. I had utilized the block of wood before seeing her picture and was so surprised to see that DeWalt had the accesory to tilt the saw. I don't think I'm going to buy that unless my block of wood idea causes too much vibration. There is a noticeable slight vibration with the block, but not enough for me to buy the accessory. Tilting the table sure makes a difference in your ability to accurately follow the lines.

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          My P-20 has the third leg in the back attachment so it make it a lot easier than the Hegner that has a piece of 4X4 under the back leg. No problem with vibration on that.
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            Mia, you should use a block of "SOFT" wood.
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              I've got a "spring loaded thingy" called a Jim Dandy Arm Lifter mounted on mine too. My table has been at maximum tilt since the day I put it together

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                Originally posted by Mick Walker
                Mia, you should use a block of "SOFT" wood.
                Thanks! I'm going to give it try. I got these exotic hardwood blocks out of the dumpster and since they're too hard for compound cutting, I'm using them under the back of the saw. I'll have to find another use for them since you're right they're probably too hard to raise the saw and cause vibration.

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