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  • Worlds Easiest Circle Jig

    I'm working on my Thien Baffle #2 and needed some discs, but wanted to get a little more accuracy that the freehand discs I cut last time on the bandsaw.

    I have seen other more elaborate router circle jigs out there, but just clamping a board with a screw to the side of the router table, now that matched my energy level at the moment. Using the side of the table, I could just move the board down the side, adjusting the width. If I needed to tweak the circle smaller, I just tap on on edge with a hammer. I did that subtle adjustment countless times as I eased in on a perfect tight fit. I think it worked great.

    My plan B was to remove the router from the table (which is a pain), and attach that to a long board with a nail/screw in one end.


    I used a screw because it was handy. Next time, I'll dig out a big nail.
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    I like simple!


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      my first thought when I saw this were that you need to add a magnet to the board so that it would stay put while you add the clamps


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        I also like simple and clever
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