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Ridgid Spindle/Belt Sander Poinions ?

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  • Ridgid Spindle/Belt Sander Poinions ?

    I am thinking about buying a Ridgid EB 4424 Spindle/Belt Sander. Most of the reviews I've read make this out to be a great bench top sanding system for the money.. $199 at Home Depot . Do any of you have any experiences with this unit? I've read up on the Delta Boss , there are good reviews and bad on that one. The Jet is a great spindle only unit , tho pricey for my budget. I currently only own a palm sander, so the Ridgid is a real plus for giving me a belt sander built in. Any imput is appreciated in advance. BTW I'm still out of service on my Delta P-20..waiting for the new blade clamps. .....Larry http :// 8Ridgid-Edge-Belt-Sander-EB4424.jpg
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    Bought One Today

    Thanks for looking , I'm gonna love this sander

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      Sorry, I have no experience with it, but for the price it sounds ok, and most Ive read about it is positive, so you can officially be the one to give us a review on it!! Enjoy the new sander. Dale
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        That you will,

        I own one and enjoy it so far.

        The reviews I have read confirm that this was a good choice.

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          I think you will enjoy it. I have one and like it a lot. I don't use it extensively, but the flexibility of switching between spindle to belt is very handy and easy to do. I've also used the tilt table feature a few times. The dust collection with my shop vac works pretty well also.

          I've used a Delta BOSS a couple times. It may be a heavier machine and may have more spindle travel, but I wouldn't trade my Ridgid for one.
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