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  • drill press question

    i'm looking for a 8 or 10 inch drill press but i don't know which brand has any quality built into it anymore. the only one that catches my eye right now is an oscillating Shop Fox. does anyone know anything about this brand?
    dewalt 788

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    Hi Rob

    Is there any particular reason why you want such a drill press? If you tell us what you're looking to achieve with it, we might be able to give you better advice .

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      because its a happy medium. its small enough for the scroll work and big enough for any other project i get myself into.
      dewalt 788


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        i think the shopfox would be nice. Mine is a cheaper Harbor freight floor standing, and no complaints with it. You are thinking right, buy as big as you can afford now, so you dont shop for one again in a year or two. Dale
        Dale w/ yella saws


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