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What scroll saw to buy in Canada?

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  • What scroll saw to buy in Canada?

    Hi all,
    Just wanted an opinion on what scroll saw you would buy?
    I currently have a Craftsman, and if any of you have experience with them well then you understand why I want a new saw.
    We are looking in the $300 to $500 Canadian dollar range.

    Some we have looked at are:
    DremelĀ® 1680 16 in.Variable-Speed Scroll Saw

    Ryobi 16 In. Scroll Saw
    Model SC164VS

    Delta SS350 16'' Variable Speed Scroll Saw

    Any advice on any of these scroll saws would be appreciated.

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    Re: What scroll saw to buy in Canada?

    I wouldn't touch a ryobi, had a cheap delta and presently have a dremel...with that said, I just bought the DeWalt and it is comparison !!


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      Re: What scroll saw to buy in Canada?

      M :-X


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        Re: What scroll saw to buy in Canada?

        Can't say about the others, but definitely not the Ryobi.


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          Hi "Guest",

          I am not sure if you are still around to read this but here goes...

          For several years I used the Delta 16" variable speed scrollsaw (150.00 - 200.00 here in Canada) This brand of saw was my second. The first Delta I had I put an incredible number of hours on it and it was good to me for the money. I didn't like the blower on it so I modified it with an aquarium pump and tubing, but other than that it was good. The blade change was relatively easy compared to my previous one, a Mastercraft.

          After using the saw extensively for a couple years, (about 5 - 8 hours per day, 5 days per week) I burnt the saw out. I figured for the money, it was good enough to replace with another the same. The second delta is still alive but I did have to have some "interior" repairs made to it shortly after purchasing it. I can't remember exactly what was wrong with it now, but I believe it had something to do with a loose bolt.

          I have heard a lot of people complain about the Delta but in my humble opinion, it was a good saw for the beginner and I did some great work on it. Of course there is always "better" but the Delta was an economical saw with variable speeds and easy blade change - things I consider important when recommending a saw to beginners.

          I suggest, if you haven't already purchased a saw, that you go to some woodshows and some tool shops to "test drive" the saw. At some of the woodshows, you can get good deals on "demos" aswell.


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            I've had the Dremel, and then the Delta. Dremel was good enough to cut carving blanks, but not particularly accurate, and putting the blades in those little holders was a bit of a pain. Then I got the Delta, and it was several steps above the dremel. However, you will have to be way more skilled than I if you wish to cut much thick stuff accurately - or maybe my particular saw was not so easy to use that way. If you must change blades very often, you will tire of the hex-wrench type tool needed to do that. I have not tried the Ryobi, but it feels cheaply made. (I gotta touch every tool at Home Depot). Try to save a bit more and go for the Dewalt - if you use the tool for 5 years or more, the $$ difference per year is pretty slim. Good Luck!


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