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  • 788 please help

    just got my second 788 and it is jumpy, bouncy HELP please.

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    SD, you have obviously been doing this a while and have many miles of wood under your blade, so you may be familiar with these common issues, but I'll run down the list anyway.

    Did you buy it with the stand? The weight of the stand is important to dampen the vibration. It should also be tight to the stand or that dampening won't work.

    If you did not buy the stand, you need to get something very heavy to bolt it down to. Heavy benches could work. The more mass, the less vibration.

    Concrete floors are ideal. If you are on a wooden floor, try to position the saw over the joists. My Hegner "Dances" in the portable building, but does pretty well on concrete.

    Does this happen at all speeds, or just on high?

    If you bought this saw new, and it is setup identical to another 788 you owned, I think I would be taking it back.

    By the way, clicked the link to the pics of your shop and setup and I gotta say, I might have to copy some of your ideas. One of the betters setups I've seen in terms of organization and storage. Very cool indeed. I just moved into my new shop, and need to figure out how I'm going to organize and place stuff.

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      Bolt or clamp to something rigid and solid ,if it stops it's in your stand somewhere .if not it's in the saw ! Hot shots right on ! even with your set up !Nice !
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        Randy, I used the stand and light from my older 788. this after noon I am going to make sure all the bolts are tight. I have a small shop in my backyard but me and the cold don't get along so after lots of negotiation with the wife I am using a room inside the house. I have carpet but did not bother my old saw. I use the outside shop for dusty cutting, works great.Thanks


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          If the saw is still jumping after checking your bolts and it is not the stand, then check out Rick Hutchinson's site for help:

          Rick's Scrollsaw

          It has helped me out twice for repairing my 788.

          Karl in Sunny Southwest Florida


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