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  • Ryobi & Delta

    Hi Folks, are the Ryobi & Delta saws made by the same company? I know the answer's probably here somewhere, but I just don't have time to look.

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    I can't say for sure, but I think not. The porter/dewalt/delta service store will not repair them.
    Jeff Powell


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      Marsha, don't think so. I believe, Delta, Dewalt and Porter cable were bought by Black & Decker. Ryobi is a different brand.
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        Ryobi and Delta are not owned by the same company. Most tool companies are owned by comglomerates. I have a list of several of the major tool brands and who owns them, but it's at work and I can't recall all the details.

        Generally speaking, Porter Cable, Delta, Dewalt, B&D are owned by the same parent company. I believe Ryobi is owned by the same parent company that now owns Milwaukee. I'll have to verify that against my list on Monday, so I stand willing to be corrected.

        Now the question of where each tool is manufactured is a source of great debate and it's rather difficult to tell these days since most of the manufacturing is done overseas. Most of the major tool manufacturers are no longer stand alone entities with their own manufacturing facilities. More & more of the manufacuting is outsourced to Asian plants. Is it possible that Ryobi and Delta are manufactured by the same Asian factory? Don't know and don't know how to find out.
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          Thanks for your replys.
          I have a friend who told me he bought a Delta, he looked at my Delta and thought they were identical, however I gave him some FD blades and a blade holder for his retirement. He informed me last night that he cannot use the FD blades because his saw takes pin end blades. I commented that it probably wasn't a Delta if it took pin end blades. He said it was a Ryobi, but that they are the same saw. I had never heard this before, so I thought I'd check here.
          Thanks again

          BTW Bill, when you find that list could you let me know for sure.


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            Black and Decker is an umbrella company for B&D and DeWalt.

            Pentair Inc. bought Delta in 1981 and Porter Cable has been consolidated with Delta since 1999. I read on the B&D site where they purchased the tool division of Pentair in 2004 so it leads me to believe they do indeed own Porter Cable and Delta as well. Coincidentally, B&D work in cooperation with Hitachi for power tools as well and they also own Weiser Lock and Baldwin Hardware Co. and the Elu line of pro tools in Europe.

            TTI (Techtronics Industries Hong Kong based) owns Milwaukee, AEG and Ryobi power tools and accessories; Ryobi and Homelite outdoor power equipment, Royal, Dirt Devil, Regina and Vax floor care appliances.
            TTI has an exclusive contract with Home Depot for Ridgid (by Emerson) and Ryobi.

            Bosch owns Skil.

            I'm learning to much here! LOL At one point (1989), don't know if it's still applicable, but B&D owned Kwik-Set, Price Pfister faucets, "Molly" wall anchors brand, "Pop" rivet brand, and True Temper golf club shafts.

            It's all so confusing!!

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              Thanks Andy. That's same information I have. I had to wait until I got to work this morning to find my list. In addition to those companies, others on my list are;

              WMH, which owns Jet, Powermatic, Performax and Wilton brands

              Steel City - which is a new company formed by former Delta and WMH executives and engineers. Orion tools is a subsidiary.
              Homer : "Oh, and how is education supposed to make me feel smarter. Besides, every time I learn something new, it pushes some old stuff out of my brain."


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                Thanks very much for the info.
                Confusing! A bit, but very informative.
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