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Dremel Plunge Router Base

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  • Dremel Plunge Router Base

    Has anyone ever used the plunge router base for a Dremel tool? While it may not be stout enough to do production work, it looks intriguing.

    I got a Dremel for Christmas and have been looking at the various accessories. The plunge base caught my eye, solely for the purpose of doing very small, shallow cuts on small pieces. However, not sure it's really all that practical.
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    Yep, I've got the dremel plunge router base. I've had it a couple of months but have not tried routing with it. I use it and a chuck to drill start holes. It would only be good for light duty. I bought a couple of bits. They only have 1/8 shank I believe. Wouldn't bet on it in a production setting.



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      I also have the Dremel plunge base and haven't really found a good use for it. There are a limited # of bits available, and none with bearings that I have seen.

      I used mine the day I came home with it -- and not since.


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        Dremel does however make a roundover bit that is very useful for taking sharp corners off. It is #615 and has a fixed bearing. Steve
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          I purchased one a couple of months ago as well. like EarlinJax I use it with a chuck for all my starter holes and it is da bomb It is lightweight and the base is clear. I just move it around the piece. Now for the drawbacks : It is a bit awkward changing bits and the knob to lock it is also one of the handles so as I use it I tend to tighten it up and it doesn't plunge as easily until I back it off again .
          Hope this helps
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            I've got the little router table for a Dremel

            and it works great with the 1/8 round over bite if your looking just to round over the edges..

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              I have one and I love it for roundovers and such- depending on what I am making at the time. It is super on the 1/2 " woods but I would use a regular size on the thicker- I also have the saw and most of the other accesories for my Dremel and tho I have never used the saw I have no complanints on the other tools for it either. My dream once was to get a Dremel for every attachment I had buut as my dremels grew I never did permantly attach anything other than a flex shaft.


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                I use it to make holes for fret work. Does a great job. I don't think I would consider using it for anything else though.

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