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  • Another kind of machine

    Over the holidays I saw a commercial for Sears new CNC router.

    Although I can see this as a cool accessory I wonder if this is to carvers as laser cutters are to scrollers.
    The main difference is this is available under $2000

    Any comments?
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    I think it is a rebrand from the following link:

    I emphatically recommend against it at this time. Version 2, upgrade, or even a better made competition will be out within a year or so. The real question will be the software / application / yada..yada..yada that the end user will use to design for it. For now, it is an expensive toy.

    I read where there might be a problem because the work piece is moved under the cutter similar to paper feeding through an ink jet printer. The cutter moves back and forth across a bar. Most CNC, or DNC, machines, the cutter head assembly moves over the stationary work piece with 3 axis of mobility and the cutters themselves may have additional axis of twisting.

    Two obvious upgrades I would like to see: ability to change cutters on the fly, and a better integration to dust collection system.

    Just IMHO:



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      Fortunately, I've heard nothing but bad things about this thing. I about panicked when I saw it in my local Sears here. For basically a couple hundred dollars more than a high-end scrollsaw one of these could be had. They talk about doing "scrollwork" with it. I wonder if they could be sued for false advertising as doesn't scrollwork require one to scroll the work???
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        I have to agree with Kevin, I too cringed a bit when I saw this thing in a catalog. I'm sure it has it's place in some "woodshops" long as it isn't in mine.

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          I have to say that I am a techno junkie and I like the latest gimmicks, but to me the point of scrolling is the pleasure of doing something creative and beautiful by hand. I'm not in it for production but for satisfaction. It still cannot do the intricate work that I have seen most of the folks in the forum can do. I agree with Todd, it will not find its way in to my shop.

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