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purchase delta PS 680 or Hawk scroll saw

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  • purchase delta PS 680 or Hawk scroll saw

    does anyone have any experiance with the Delta new 20 inch scroll saw PS 680 good or bad? it is less than 1/2 of the Hawk. I really do not not scroll enough to justify the differance unless some one here with more experaince and myself has some thoughts


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    I have a lower end Delta that I love.
    The blade clamps are a charm. I have heard many good things about the P20 model, also known as the PS 680.

    I have a friend with an RBI Hawk. That is an awesome machine.
    Personally I could not justify the cost difference between the two, although he did offer me his Hawk for $600. I still can't justify it at this time.

    If money is an issue then the PS 680 will serve you very well. One plus with the Delta saws is there are many service depots all over the country for those tools.

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      David, I have had the Delta P-20 for 3 years and wouldn't trade it for another brand. I have never used a Hawk but I believe it has an aluminum table which I wouldn't care for. I could be wrong about that. I like the blade clamps on the P-20, all the controls are up front and it is a heavy, industrial type saw. Good luck and enjoy whichever saw you choose.
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        I would say go for the P-20. It is an industrial quality saw built like a tank and it is the last saw you will ever need. I would not trade mine for any other make at any price. . It is also a dream to top feed the wood with easier than any other of the few top feeders on the market.
        Great warranty and a nationwide network of authorized service depots makes it a win . . win . . situation.
        We very seldom hear of problems with a P-20. I have heard only a few and some of those (but not all) were nothing but operator error related.
        Good luck with whichever make of saw you choose .

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          delta P 20

          Have a delta P 20 and it runs every day I love it service is no trouble and parts can be gotten fast if needed by phone.The one thing I have noticed is the bolt and nut assembly for the quick release needs to be made little better and different size would help ( it is 3.5 MM) and only place I have found them is delta. Jerry
          Have had mine now for a year


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            Since I have a RBI G4 I would highly recommend it.
            I have not had the opportunity to use a P20 no one in our club has one. I also like my Delta SS350 except for the aggressive blade motion.
            , and was pleased with the blade clamps. Actually I like the Delta clamps better than what I have on the RBI.
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