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Dremel 18" with take off

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  • Dremel 18" with take off

    How does this saw rate? It's $239 at HD. Having the 18', plus being able to rotate the blade 90 degrees if needed, plus having the sanding wheel with the little table makes it seem like a decent saw. I am just getting into scroll sawing, currently doing a little with a bandsaw and jig saw (for the few internal things I have done). I am going to primarily cut pieces for mosaic segmented turning (pieces of different sizes and shapes), but I think I will likely do some 'pure' scrollig as well. This is about my upper limit (maybe $250) for this purchase. I probably won't do it until January; I am 'fact finding' right now.

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    We (my wife and I) bought the Dremel about two weeks ago from HD. We will be returning it this weekend. Things we did not like:

    1 Table not flat
    2 Had to make a "fork" to tighen blade clamps because the t nuts are too small
    3 Blade tension was hard to get just right.
    4 Hold down foot is hard to adjust correctly
    5 Too much vibration
    6 When we attached the Flex Shaft (sold separately) it did not have enough speed and the blade runs the entire time you are using the Flex Shaft.
    7 The LED light puts out wat too little light.
    8 The blade insert is hard to get in and out

    We also bought the Delta ??350 ($200). It is a 16" saw and we have been very pleased with it so far. We are looking a buying the Delta P20 also ($480).

    The nice thing about HD is their 30 day satisfaction guarntee. So you could take it home and try it but I would suggest finding a Delta 350 for the money



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      arbarnhart, my vote is for the Delta SS350 also, Delta has about the best blade clamping system. has the 350 for $189.99 with a $50.00 stand thrown in. I have the Delta P-20 and love it. Mick.
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        If you have a Woodworkers Emporeum near you, they have different Delta equipment set up and can give a show and tell. No I am not affilliated, just a happy 350 Delta LS (Leg Set) owner. I bought an early Christmas Present. I had looked at the different references here on the board. I'm one that has to see, touch and feel and understand what I'm buying. Like buying a sewing machine, try it before you buy it. I didn't get to use the saw, but they turned it on and ran it and showed me what the features were.


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          Thanks for the report on the Dremel! I almost broke down and got one! I'd prefer an RBI or Hegner, just can't part with $1000 of hard earned cash. I'm considering a P-20 I have heard that the DeWalt is now made in Taiwan <sp>. I may consider ebay for one orf the afore mentioned machines

          Again THanks!



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